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Income Opportunities Harnessing the Power of Mobile Marketing & Advertising

We want to provide you a look at what we feel is one of the best business opportunities on the planet today. We have designed an opportunity that requires low investment with high profit returns. We want you to have a business opportunity that has cutting edge products and services that thrive in the good and bad economic times our Nation is facing. We want this business to be a product or service that is used by the masses. We want this business to be able to provide you an immediate profit payout that you can support your family with. And most important we are an action company so we want you to be in business making money quick. The Best part is that We Do What You Do! From our executives down we lead by example in the actual sales of our products and services. When we give you sales advice it's because we know what we are talking about. Pound for Pound our competition can't touch us because most of them have never been in the field selling their own services. Join us and lets get the job done! Our slogan is "Live in Five Minutes".

Income Opportunities with Mobile MarketingDid you know that 50% of all new internet connections in 2010 came from mobile phones? More and more people worldwide are accessing the web with their mobile phones, making mobile an important platform for marketers to reach their audience. Mobile creates the opportunity to individually engage with more people than any other channel. Mobile phones today have more ways of connecting people to each other than almost any other medium. People can call, text, MMS, email, IM, post updates to social networking sites, update blogs, post videos online and much, much more. Mobile enables brands to participate in the conversation. We create solutions to help business owners reach their audience on mobile phones and drive results to their bottom line.

Employing text advertising as yet another way to drive business more readily assures the business owner that their brand won’t get lost amid the daily barrage of advertisers bombarding today’s consumers. Our marketing strategies will help place a company's corporate identity in the spotlight.

Offering a unique blend of advertising and technical design talent, TextCo turns creative ideas into successful campaigns. TextCo Media is looking for Independent Business Entrepreneurs in the US to start solid, sustainable sms marketing businesses, backed by our high quality service, and training. If you have entrepreneurial drive and are looking to build a solid long term business using new technology tools, give us a call at 1-800-431-5050.

Our SMS Reseller Program is designed to get your Mobile Marketing Business up and running as quickly as possible. We provide all of the "little things" to insure that you are focused on selling the product, and not worrying about technical or administrative issues. This is an opportunity for all ages, and all experience levels. Whether you need to make an extra few hundred dollars or need to make thousands of dollars a month our Business Program can provide you the vehicle to reach your greatest levels of success.

Mobile is new and hot. And it offers several business and money-making opportunities in advertising and marketing. With more than 300 million cell phone users in the U.S. alone, the "mobile" media is poised to become the next evolution in marketing.

Why Mobile Marketing & Advertising?

"Businesses Need It. Especially During A Down Economy..."

In difficult economic times, it becomes extremely critical for business owners to have direct access to their customers and to be able to drum-up more business whenever they need to. By using "mobile text messaging" as a marketing tool, businesses can immediately launch UNLIMITED sales campaigns and market to their customers — easily, quickly, and with great accuracy - more than any other marketing media.

"It's An Important Marketing Tool In Our Mobile Culture..."

Text Messaging empowers businesses to send "just-in-time" messages when it is most critical for customers to have it. With a 95% Read-Rate - which is better than Print, TV, or Email - text messaging can be used to directly reach customers anytime and anywhere to deliver marketing messages like no other communications channel can provide. The customer need not be in front of their computer to get the message. In our US society it is the most up close and personal way of communicating with your loyal customers.

"There's A Huge Built-in Market For Your Service..."

Mobile Advertising has become more affordable. It is no longer just for the the big guys! With newer technology and easier access, advertisers can broadcast their text ads to 100s - even 1,000s - of cell phones for affordable flat rate prices.

"Potential Daily Cash Income..."

You can offer your service to ANY type of business -- retail, services, or professional - anywhere in the U.S. You can accept cash, checks, or credit cards as payment. Our Complete Private Label Reseller Systems include your own marketing website with a built-in e-commerce feature that enables your advertising clients to pay you.

Why do we have the Best Opportunity in Mobile Marketing?

If you've done any serious research on making money with mobile, you probably know that there is NO other company out there that can match what we offer - pound for pound.

Multi-Keyword System

Our Keyword Systems enables you to host multiple Advertisers - each one with their own unique identifying "one word wireless identity". This means more paying clients for you.

Other mobile companies charge anywhere between $79 to $199 Per Keyword - Per MONTH! Plus per text charges which puts a limit on your advertising based on the size of your budget. WE OFFER UNLIMITED SERVICE TOP TO BOTTOM-WITH NO HIDDEN COSTS! With our Mobile Systems, your cost is flat rate and there is no per text charges because our service is UNLIMITED!
Unlimited Use

Our extremely LOW prices also include Unlimited use and Unlimited messaging for your advertising clients. Other companies not only charge more, but they also charge between 5¢ and 25¢ for EACH MESSAGE you send to EACH subscriber. That's way too expensive and very difficult to sell to potential advertisers. Our service allows you to send Unlimited messages to Unlimited subscribers.

Designed For Resellers

We specialize in helping you provide mobile services to your clients. We design specifically for entrepreneurs like you who are seeking to start their own mobile advertising business. Our Mobile Marketing Private Label Reseller Systems include your very own ecommerce-enabled website and a back-office system for each of your advertising clients.

Multiple Features and Services You Can Offer

There are many features of our Mobile Advertising services that you can offer — Bounce Ad (auto response), Subscriber base Broadcast Advertising, Time Release Broadcast Campaigns, Voting and Polling, Text-To-Win Contests, Data Capture, Sponsor and Trailer Ads, each with their own benefits and key advantages.

Now Is The Time To Start Your Mobile Business.

Remember when the Internet was first starting to get commercial? The people who made the most money were the ones who rode the wave early on. You see, every once in a while, a new mega-opportunity arises, and it's up to you to quickly grab it and make the most of it. Now, your opportunity to make your mark has come again.

In our "on-the-go" culture, mobile advertising is an essential tool every business owner and professional must have. Mobile has opened this door for you; don't let this opportunity pass you by. Do not delay your success. Act now! Call 1-800-431-5050 to get started. Order Your Private Label Reseller System - Now!

Learn about the Opportunity
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